March 28, 2008

The STORY of STUFF (Annie Leonard)

While exchanging tweets with Fabiana Bridi, she said she was watching this video and I decided to have a look at it. It´s so nice that I HAD to share it with you. I also heard through twitter that 22nd April is Earth Day. So , this is a video we should all watch and think about. The video takes a while to download but it´s worth watching. You can also play the chapters separately by clicking on the tabs at the top. The level of language is more appropriate to high-intermediate or advanced students. "The story of Stuff"

How can we use it with students?

  • Well, watching the whole video is interesting but it would take too long and become a bit boring. I´d select a part to play (distribution) or show students differents parts each day. Teachers could have a pre-discussion about the topic first to see how much students know about it. Then, maybe make some comprehension questions to transform the video into a listening activity. There might be space for a post-watch discussion.
  • Another alternative could be to ask different students to watch different parts of the story (Intro, Extraction, Production, Distribution, Consumption, Disposal, Another way) and have them take notes while watching and then present to the whole class what they´ve seen.

The topic "Environmental issues" is of vital importance to us. Really Worth Watching!!!!
You can find all chapters in Youtube as well, just type "The story of stuff" in the search box.


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