March 17, 2008

Things I learned last week.

1- USING YOUR MOUSE AS A HIGHLIGHTER PEN during a powerpoint presentation
This something I had no idea it was possible to do with a powerpoint presentation, and believe it or not as I talked to my colleagues neither did they. Well, when you´re presenting a ppt after pressing the F5 key, on the bottom-left-hand corner , as you pass your mouse you can see three symbols, an arrow to return to the previous slide, and pen and an arrow to move to the following slide. Well, as you can see (marked by the red arrow on the picture above) click on the pen icon select highlighter pen and your mouse functions as one, marking anything you want to call attention to.

I like setting time limits for some activities during my classes and I had to keep an eye on the clock all the time. With the online stopwatch, you set how many minutes you want your students to work for, click on start and the clock will ring when time is over. My favourite is the countdown clock. FANTASTIC.

Thanks Joe Dale for the hints. I watched his conference from his blog last week and have learned a lot.


Anonymous said...

This is the kinds of tips everybody has to know. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and kisses from México


Karol said...

Hi Ana Maria!
Thanks for the animation that you recomended me! It is grat! And I was whacthing and thinking how many days the author spents to make this! It really may be extremely difficult!

And.. Reading your blog and always learning! =P


Joe said...

Hi Ana Maria,

You can also launch the pen tool by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+P. To erase animations press the E key and then CTRL+A to make the cursor go back to normal.

Hope you find that useful


Luis Fernando said...

You are great Ana!Always bringing useful ideas!

I've also been trying to improve my blog. Hope you like the changes!


Luis Fernando