March 8, 2008

Reading and listening about MYTHS

I found this site in Larry Ferlazzo´s blog. It tells the story of 25 myths from different parts of the world. Choose a region and learn about the Incas, the Celtics, the Navaros, the Chinese, The Hindis, the Aztecs and others. After you choose a region you watch an animation with sound and text with explains the origin of these people.

How can we use this with students? One would be to choose one region related to something you´re teaching and ask all your sts to watch the same story and answer comprehension questions afterwards. Another would be letting sts pick different regions, have them watch the animations and then each students would tell the class or write about the different people. Any other ideas?

It´s definitely worth MANY VISITS!!!!!!! Not only can you learn English but also Culture. FANTASTIC!


Fernando HBN said...

Hi Ana Maria, I forgot that I have a blog
Our blog project is becoming interesting, don't you think? It was a great idea

bye... kiss

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Hello Fernando,
I´m so glad you think so. The objective is to help students start communicating in English now not only in the future. The tool is yours to get in contact with people and express your thoughts.

It´s great to have you as a student!

Fernando HBN said...

Do look at my blog?
There's a man from Arizona,USA. Am I so popular like this ? hehehehehehe. I think I'm becoming!
Thanks ,that's great to have you as a teacher too!

Bye... Kiss

Luis Fernando said...

Now I had a chance to visit the website Ana! It's really interesting!

Congratulations for the project!
I'm really glad to be taking part in it and I'll be inviting my students to take part from next semester on!

Thanks for the hints on how to put on the counter!


Luis Fernando