March 20, 2008

Shift happens

I found this video from a hint in twitter. It really shakes your mind. There are so many implications to this and one is how can prepare our students for this future world?


Aurélio Jr. said...

hey teacher

i've changed teh sound box

it's so much better now

and i will post something very interesting, but this post dosen't have nothing about movies or music, but it's very, very! interesting.

Ana Maria Menezes said...

ok, aurélio I´ll have a look.

Mônica said...

Hi Ana Maria,

and perhaps we should also be asking ourselves if there's anything we can do to help 'digital immigrants' go through this transition phase ... :-)

Take a look at this video, in which a little digital native shows a grown-up how to use his new iPhone...

It kind of makes you wonder...

Hugs from BH!

Ana Maria Menezes said...

It´s unbelievable, when you said a child taught an adult use an i-phone I imagined an 8-year-old child but now this tiny little girl. I was baffled at her expertise. You see they somehow instinctly know what to touch or move... We surely have lots to learn from them.

I´ve been trying to do my share helping digital immigrants get into this world, it´s not easy.
Thanks for the comment, by the way, are you going to the Braz-tesol convention in July?