March 5, 2008

A SCROLL message to you

I found this scroll message creator at FancyGens

get MORE SKINS from

How can we use this with students?
Well, students can create messages for their blogs. It´s a pity you can´t e-mail that to people, but you can copy the HTML code and send it to people´s orkut! Any other ideas?


Aurélio Jr. said...

teacher tanks so much, iloved this it's very cool.

i'll put im my blog


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ana Maria!
Yes, you're rigth; is a beautiful film, I think is one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen too! And I love the sondtrack! Thank you for your tip! I'll see the film that you said!

And... I'm so impressed how you can find new and diferents things on the internet! Each day, you post something that I haven't known! ^^

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Dear Karol,

I learn a lot by visiting other blogs and keeping contact with other teachers interested in technology too. On the sidebar of my blog you can see a black box (my Feevy) which is a collection of blogs I follow. You can make a collection of your favourites too.

Your blog is great too. As soon as I get my film (the color of Paradise) back I´ll lend you,OK?