January 19, 2013

The Sound of Music - my picks

The first post of 2013 will be devoted to one of my passions: Music.

These are some websites which I use for pleasure or in the classroom.

1. EVERYONE'S MIXTAPE- This one I discovered yesterday and absolutely loved it. It allows you to create a playlist from youtube videos and share it with others. The playlists are organized on cassette cases like in the old days and as the music plays you can see the reel rolling. Certainly a flashback moment. This was my first mixtape. http://everyonesmixtape.com/#/mix/DqI63PCJrmF/1

2. STEREO MOOD - choose a mood and see what songs the site suggests. I like using this one while getting the room ready before my students arrive.

3. YOUTUBE ALARM - choose a song from youtube, set the alarm time and you can wake up to the sound of your favorite song. I use this website very often in class to time activities, or to remind me of something important we need to do that day.  I also use it while surfing the web to keep me focussed and keep track of time.


4. LYRICS TRAINING - I couldn't leave this one out. It's a fantastic site anyone can use to have fun or for learning purposes. You listen to a song and have the chance to complete gaps with the missing words. Wonderful listening practice! If you have an IWB, try dividing your students into 2 groups and have a competition for completing a song. It's great fun!


5. MOOD STREAM - I have already posted about Mood Stream  here. What I like about it? Well, you select your mood and then apart from listening to snippets of songs you can see beautiful photos from Gettyimages in the background. I've already used it in class for picture description. An idea for classroom activity can be found here.


abracadabra said...

Ana Maria,

Great post and really loved mixtape. Made me nostalgic.

Reminded me of 2 old sites 1. the old, pioneering scraper of the web - Mixwit. 5-6 years ago, had a lot of fun and great contests until it was shut down by the music nazis online. Here's what it used to look like and you could make - kept an old one on my server - http://eflclassroom.com/mixwit/justino/fullscreen.html

2. Still existing "Mixtube" - here my collection of subtitled video using it. http://community.eflclassroom.com/page/mixtube-1

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Wow, I didn't know about Mixwit and loved to see the full screen version with the cassette playing your selection. Something I missed in Mixtape was the possibility to embed the player showing the cassette.

As to mixtube, I tried to listen to your songs but I don't know why nothing happened. :(
Thanks for sharing the tools you like or liked using.