January 26, 2013

Cartoonize your movies NOW


Remember that A-ha video clip where the band turns into cartoon characters singing their song "Take on me"?

Well, if you're not as old as I am, here is the video which had us dancing in the late 80's.

I never imagined I could use that kind of effect so easily in videos I record with an iphone or an ipad. All you have to do is download the FREE APP Cartoonatic, choose a video from your device OR use the app to record a video . There are various effects you can choose ( the video below was done using "Pencil Jetty").


After recording the video, it says you can share it via facebook, twitter, e-mail or send it to YOUTUBE. However, I tried exporting from within the app but it didn't work. So, I saved it to my ipad gallery and from there uploaded it to my youtube account.

How can we use this app with students?

- You can record your students roleplaying dialogues they have created and then play the cartoonized version for the whole class in youtube later on.
- You can record students miming actions and then play the video for the class to guess what they were miming.
- You can have students record themselves interviewing each other.
- Students can create a story and roleplay it in front of the camera.
- Students can create a parody of "Take on Me"and record themselves singing it.
- Students can dub the original song "Take on Me" and act just like the video clip.
Any other ideas? 

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