December 8, 2012

Wrapping up 2012

Well, in case any Life Feast reader is wondering, I haven't disappeared from cyberspace. kkkkkk

The year 2012 was certainly a challenge and I had to try to use my time VERY WISELY. I started an M. A. program in Linguistic Studies and apart from attending my classes at university and starting to write my paper, I teach EFL to teenagers (love them), am the head of the Edtech department of technology at the language institute I work at and to top it all, I also facilitate an online course. 

So, what have I been doing? Well, since 2006 my online life has changed a bit. I don't feel the need to read EVERYTHING EVERYONE SHARES anymore, I try to select very carefully what I read (my priorities) and try to be with my family as much as I can.

I believe the year 2013 will be as busy.
I've started writing my dissertation online (in Portuguese) at but it's still at its initial stage.
At the beginning of 2013, I'll be offering a free online course for Brazilian EFL educators from public schools during which I intend to observe how participants experience "social presence" in an online environment. This is the poster I'm still working on to advertise the course.

Whenever I feel like unwinding and surfing a bit, I normally check my FACEBOOK notifications, interact a bit and share stuff I like over there as well. The space I've been enjoying the most nowadays is PINTEREST where I've been collecting interesting sites in boards.  Have a look : 

This is a selection of  10 FAVORITE SITES I've chosen from my pinterest boards. 

TYPOGRAFFIT - turn your words into a graffiti

SHUTTERCAL - a space where you can post a photo a day and add a text to it in a calendar and then share with others. I guess it would be perfect for project work.

MAGISTO - video editing with your cell phone. 

POPPLET - create cool collaborative mindmaps (IPAD or iphone app)

MUZY - a new way to blog with pictures.

SMORE - create cool virtual posters which can be printed or embedded.

VINTAGIO - turn your videos into silent films. (U$0.99)

TIKI-TOKI - beautiful web-based time lines.

OUIWRITE - makes academic writing easier by helping you with formats and sources.

POWTOON - create animated presentations.

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