December 28, 2010

VOCABULARY practice in a flash

I love sites which can make my teaching life easier.

SPELLINGCITY helps your students learn / memorize words by focussing on spelling, pronunciation and contextualisation.

First, you add the words you wish to memorize. Then, the site generates sentences with those words so that you can learn it. You can then, click the TEST button to hear the words and test your spelling or choose one of the GAMES available.

An example:

1. I created a list of words related to MONEY

 2.Once you click spelling test, you can hear the isolated word and then the word in a sentence for to type the correct spelling. LISTENING AND WRITING practice.

3. Games you can use to practise VOCABULARY, WRITING and SPELLING


With an IWB
  • In the last 15-20 minutes of class, elicit the new words learned that day from students while you insert the word in Spellincity. Sts can dictate the spelling as teacher types in the words. Then, all we have to do is click spelling test and start using the practice exercises the site generates.
  •  You can also, assign a specific student to keep a record of the new words throughout the class and then use the list close to the end of the class to generate exercises.
  • Another alternative is to use the practice exercises at the beginning of the following class for revision.


Dani Lyra said...

Hi Ana,

this site sounds really promising. I'll give it a try and post it on our class blog. Thank you!

Marijana said...

Dear Ana,

thank you for sharing your ideas with Spelling city. I heard of it last year but didn't practice with it a lot. It is great as you can print out some of your lists as a free user while some activites as Vocabulary test are resered for Premium users. Did you register to the page!? Do you think it's necessary to be able to use all the features?