December 5, 2010

Super easy PODCASTING - Audioboo + Posterous + iphone

PODCASTING can't get easier than this. After reading a great post by NIK PEACHEY I decided to give it a try.
 First, I downloaded the audioboo app to my iphone.
Then, I went to my audioboo account and changed the settings to synch my audioboos with my posterous blog. (You can also synch your audioboo with your facebook and twitter)
To make the recording, I used my iphone (audioboo app), published my recording, attached an image to it, wrote a description and VOILÁ , it was automatically published in my posterous blog.


  • record students reading dialogues and then with a simple click publish it in a class blog. 
  • record yourself reading a text and then add comprehension questions to your posterous post.
  • record yourself reading a text for your students as a dictation to be done at home.
  • record your students interviewing each other.
  • record interviews when you go to workshops / conferences and automatically share them in twitter.
If you don't have an iphone, the same can be done using an ipad or recording directly in the audioboo website.


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