December 3, 2010

Strategies for using COMICS in the classroom

I've recently fallen in love with comic creators and its various possibilities of use in the classroom.

This WONDERFUL presentation shared below, not only brings several links to comic creator sites but also provides suggestions for teachers.

These are some of the COMIC CREATOR sites suggested by S.Hendy


Janet Bianchini said...

Fantastic resource sharing, Ana Maria. Many thanks! Will be bookmarking this right now!! I love using cartoons, and it's great to have these ideas for inspiration.

dpaci said...

This is the right time to use comics just before the Christmas break when everybody looks tired and bored. Great, thank you for sharing

Kevin Hodgson said...

Thanks for the resource.
If it helps, I had created a website all around webcomics in the classroom for a NCTE workshop last year.


Simos Retalis said...

Excellent ideas.
Please have a look at our recent work called Educomics []

Also have a look at a comic authoring tool called ComicLab
We are using it since many years and childen love it.

All the best,