June 3, 2010

Students from 3 countries get together in Skype

June 01, is PENPAL DAY. It's a great opportunity to get our students to communicate with other teenagers from around the world.

Thanks to Alex Francisco and Eva, Guido (Spain), Arjana (Croatia) and I (Brazil) got in contact and arranged to have a skype conference call.

Before June 1st, each group prepared a list of 15 simple questions in English about their own countries. On the day of the skype session we would have to try to answer each other questions, therefore, our students had to study about the other 2 countries beforehand.

Well, we prepared our questions and I asked my students to look up information about Croatia and Spain in the internet for homework. To my surprise, most of them not only read about the 2 countries in English but also printed a sheet so that they could keep it.

I took my laptop to school (I have skype and a webcam)and attached it to our e-board , projector and loudspeakers so that my sts could see / hear the other groups.

This is a part of our skype session

We started off having some students introduce themselves and then we moved on to the question challenge. I must admit the sound wasn't very good, nevertheless the experience was fun, motivating and really worthwhile.

What a crazy bunch of people we were! :)

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