June 12, 2010

Dress up your Avatar - Clothes / Appearance

Yesterday, a colleague of mine, Geórgia, showed me a site she´s been following "Think in English" . It´s written by Aurora Jove, a teacher in Spain, and brings really interesting sites we can explore and use with our students.
The first site I´m going to talk about is STYLETOOL.COM
The site allows you to dress up an avatar you create with various options of t-shirts, dresses, shoes, bags, and sunglasses. It´s an interesting way of teaching CLOTHES VOCABULARY as each item of clothing is identified with a word and image. After dressing up your avatar you can post it in facebook, grab the embed code for publishing,

  •  Use the site to build an avatar in class with students and exploit the images of clothes to teach / revise the vocabulary.
  • Ask students to create an avatar, dress it up , write a description for it and then share the avatar + description in a class blog. 
  • The teacher can create several avatar dressed differently, take screenshots and then use the images to present CLOTHES VOCABULARY. 
  • Write descriptions of the way avatars are dressed and ask students to build the avatar according to the description.
  • Have students create their avatars and present them to the whole class by describing both appearance (dark/ fair skin , hair, eyes) and clothes. 


Aurora Jove said...

Dear Ana María,
Thank you for your comment in "Think in English".
I'm a fan of the great job you are doing with your blogs. I learn from you all the time. "Life Feast" is full of ideas and creativity!
From Galicia a big virtual kiss or un bico in Galician :-*)

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Dear Aurora, txs for the comment too . I have included your blog in my feevy (my favourites)

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