May 13, 2010

Students create a mini story with LIVE TYPING

I heard about Live Typing via Alex Francisco and decided to give it a try this week. We had just practised using past tenses to tell stories (S. Past, Past Cont., Past Perf. and Past Perf Cont.)

I divided the class into two groups. I asked a volunteer to come to the keyboard in class and type a story beginning with "One day I was ..." with the group's help. The student at the keyboard typed what the other members suggested up to a full stop. Then, it was the other group's turn to continue the story. I also told them I wanted them to try to use the 4 tenses we had studied in class.

As students typed, I could notice all students were really involved with the task, giving suggestions and laughing at the various suggested sentences. As soon as they had used the 4 tenses, I typed ENLIVEN and showed the recording of the whole process to them. Once again, all eyes were stuck to the e-board, re-reading what they had just created.

Some comments I heard:
"Cool, we should do this again."
"Wow, you can see the corrections happening."

This is the mini story which came up:

One day I was taking a shower when the phone rang.

These are other ways I'll try using LIVETYPING:
  • To practise a certain grammar structure. I'd ask different students to rewrite a sentence with the same beginning. "Ex: Ïf I had a lot of money ...
If I had a lot of money, I would travel every mont

  • To assign written homework. I'm going to ask students to write a paragraph about their dream holiday destination and send me the link, then I intend to publish their texts in a blog so that we can read the texts in class.
  • In the last 10 minutes, I'll take students to the lab and ask them to write a comment about a topic related to the lesson we're studying. Then, as soon they finish that, they grab the code and publish it in our edmodo group for others to read.


THT said...

Really cool! Will try it with my upper A students as well! xxx Tula

MisterMike said...

This site looks great. I'll definitely be using this if my college doesn't block the site - I also like for collaborative writing.