May 10, 2010

A lesson plan with XTRANORMAL

The amount of phrasal verbs in one of the books I've been using with some students is significant and I end up having to think of ways to help my students use them meaningfully.

This week, the coursebook brought a list of sentences which could be substituted by phrasal verbs.


  1. I used QUIZLET FLASHCARDS to present the phrasal verbs. (same sentences from the exercise in coursebook). The first time I showed both sides (sentence + phrasal verb)
  2. To help sts memorise the phrasal verbs I showed them the sentences only to see if they could remember the phrasal verbs.
  3. I then asked sts to do the exercise in the coursebook.
  4. I showed an animation I had made with XTRANORMAL and asked my students to watch it and write down all the phrasal verbs which were used.
  5. After pairing up students, I asked them to choose a minimum of 3 phrasal verbs and create a mini-dialogue. As each dialogue was created, students used the computer in class to type their dialogues into Xtranormal to make an animation.
  6. We watched all animations in the following class as we elicited the phrasal verbs used.

QUIZLET flashcards

Dialogue I created for students to watch and write down the phrasal verbs used:

ANIMATIONS created by students:


Alex said...

Really great Ana!
Would you mind if I used this with my students? :) Am thinking of merging it with what Janet created on slideshare and GoAnimate. Should be great fun!
Thanks for sharing! :)

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Of course you can use it.
I'm curious now , what has Janet created with slideshare and goanimate?

Alex said...

Last month Janet came up with some really cool activities for Phrasals. :) You can check it here: