May 20, 2010

FUN TIME- enjoying songs

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Do you like having "a soundtrack" for everything you do? Well, I am truly  moved by music and this is a post dedicated to sites which can bring music to your life.
stereomood – emotional internet radio - music for my mood and activities via kwout 
1. Choose the mood you´re in and listen to a selection of songs related to that. I love listening to the ROMANTIC channel while working in my computer.
      2. You can select a beautiful THEME and BACKGROUND and listen to relaxing music.

      3. Choose your MOOD or the type of music you want to listen to.

      4. Choose the mood or any of the preset themes and the site shows extracts of songs with beautiful images from getty images. Very Beautiful!


      5. Be a DJ. Create your own radio station so that other people can also listen to your selections. Many songs have a youtube video included. You can also integrate your blip channel with twitter.
      My radio station


      sharnon007 said...

      When I have to study, I like the sound, so I can DROWNED IT OUT. It helps me concentrate- as long as I pick it.
      Usually, I use for my music- it's easy & sets the mood for whatever I need done. I love hip hop, 70's music& blues & Southern RnR- (if I were rich, you'd call me 'eccentric').
      ThanX for the LinX- I think I'll see how my 2 year old reacts while we're housecleaning this weekend!

      Camila Sousa said...

      Aninha, you read my mind... I was just about to write a post about online radios!! Thanks for the post. :-))