May 10, 2010

Inspirational POSTERS

If you're looking for cute posters you can easily print for the classroom or teacher's room, this is where you can find it:


Camila Sousa said...

Thanks for the tip! It's exactly what I was looking for :-))


MisterMike said...

Thanks very much for these posters they will make my classroom very inspiring! I think my colleagues will enjoy the site too.

I'm now thinking about an activity where I get students to download and print posters for me as part of a task based exercise - they could all pick 3 and explain why they chose them?

Inspirational stuff.


Marilyn Monroe Posters said...

I love the "Believe In Yourself" poster and think that these are the kind of accessories you want to be starring in your room.

They are motivating, inspiring, and definitely giving you energy.