October 3, 2009

Olympic Games - Rio 2016

Brazil was thrilled yesterday with the honour of hosting the 2016 Olympic Games. We all know of the social problems we still have to face but we also know that we are capable of hosting such an event with our "hearts and soul" as President Lula said.

While searching tweets about the 2016 Olympic Games I came across some articles and videos that could be used in class.


Two nice videos:

1. For this first video which is partly in Portuguese and then in English (the song), you could have students write down the sports they see while they watch the video.

2. The second video is narrated in English but shows labels with the names of the sport facilities. You could ask students which area will hold what sport with questions such as: Where will athletic competitions take place? And the opening ceremony? What about the marathon?

Of course, as all Brazilians have been discussing the pros and cons of holding the games in Brazil, you could propose a discussion among students.


party said...

Welcome Rio and Good bye Chicago..

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Rio 2016....welcome