October 28, 2009

Google wave extensions

This week I received a google wave invite from Andressa Cardoso, a talented colleague from Goiania, and have been playing with it ever since. After having watched many youtube videos and having read Orli's great posts about it (although she says she's not very enthusiastic about Googlewave) I feel less lost. :)

My objective now is to add fellow teachers as my contacts in order to test the tool and create meaningful waves.

This is an interesting document shared by Orli about Google wave extensions.

Google Wave Extension List -

These are the extensions I've tried:

Emoticony - you can use emoticons.

Tweety - lets you tweet from within a google wave.

Now, the best way , in my opinion, to tweet from a wave is to click on this symbol when starting a blip (a message), and insert this URL http://www.twittergadget.com/gadget_gmail.xml

Thiago Eduardo tought me how to drag and drop files into a wave. For that you need to install the gear from http://gears.google.com/ .

I still feel like a fish out of water, but I'll persist.

A nice Google Wave tutorial to get started:

If you're an EFL teacher and would like to find other educators with whom you can wave or if you'd like a wave invite add your name to this wiki http://webheadswave.wikispaces.com/


joseantonio said...

Hello Ana Maria,
I also feel like a fish out of water in relation to Google Wave. I fee a little less like that after reading your post.
Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts

All the best

laura wilson said...

For web conferences you should try http://www.showdocument.com ,
Great for online teaching and collaborating. I use it for working on my designs with other in my field.
Its free and pretty simple - you just upload your file and invite others to view it together.
- Laura W.

Dessa said...

Hi dear,
I 'm glad you are "kicking google wave's ass" by now.
I have to explore a bit more.
Your posts are always interesting and make us feel more comfortable around this new tools.

BTW, I loved the new layout.

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Great you liked the new layout, I was a bit worried people wouldn't like it, but it still looks clean, right?

It's a pity we can't add all our contacts to googlewave yet. If I could I'd surely give up e-mail and chat for good.

Unknown said...

I've got the invitation of Google Wave on November 25. Yay.. finally :D

Eldon Schneider said...

Quite informative for such a short post about google wave. The vids really helps a lot. I'm just curious if the same goes with the wave extensions featured by firefox.