October 8, 2009

Creating an ANIMATED music video

Inspired by Nik Peachey´s excellent post (image above) about creating animated music videos, I decided to give it a go myself. Of course my stick figure drawings are poor compared to what you´ll find in youtube but it can give you an idea of what can be done with any kind of drawing.

The task Nik suggested was to select a song you like, draw pictures for the lyrics, take pictures ( I scanned the pictures instead) and assemble everything in Windows Movie Maker.

How to do this kind of task w/ students?

My suggestion is
  1. Ask the class to select a song they like with good lyrics (or select one yourself)
  2. Grab the lyrics from http://www.lyrics.com/
  3. Cut the lyrics into sentences and give them to each student or pair of students.
  4. Ask students to draw something to represent the sentence they have from the song. The teacher will need to help sts understand the meaning so that they can draw.
  5. Collect all pictures and ask if any student knows how to work with Windows Movie Maker . (many of them can)
  6. Ask a student to assemble the pictures and the song to make a music video for the class (or do it yourself)
  7. Show the music video to students the following class and have everyone sing the song.

For FULL SCREEN and EMBED code you can find the same video here


Nik Peachey said...

Hi Ana

Fantastic fantastic video! When I wrote the tip on creating a stop motion video I did wonder if anyone would ever really do it! And within hours here it is.

Fantastic. I hope your students enjoy it and appreciate what a great teacher they have.




Hi Ana,

This is a super tip! I can't wait to try it out ;-)


rosa ochoa said...

Hi Ana,

Thanks so mcuh for this great idea and your fantastic example!

I may also try it with my class.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the comments, Nik, Karen (?), Rosa. I just wanted to try it out to see how much work it would involve, but if you keep it simple, it works.

Txs, Nik for the wonderful idea.

Barbara Sakamoto said...

Thanks for making such a great example. I'm going to show it to my students next week to convince them that they can do this, too!

Unknown said...

Txs, Barbara. After you try it out, let me know how it goes. :)

GlobalEye said...

wow, you got a kick to that music video! you can also utilize software that will make you create animated GIF images.

Gif Photo Animation

Mr Jones said...

Hello Ana Maria,

I'm really glad I found your excellent site. You got me very interested in bookr. I'd like to try to create one myself, before I show my students. But can you tell me how I become a member on the site? I pushed all buttons I could find, but found nothing...
Thanks in advance.
Warm regards,

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Dear Mr Jones,

If you wish to use Bookr, you don't need to create an account to make an e-book. All you have to do is search for images using the tags and add the text. I've made a tutorial @
Bookr Tutorial