October 8, 2009

FCE - Describing Pictures

Dear FCE and CAE teachers,

I've just made a VOICETHREAD in which all sts can practise recording picture description. The recording can be done in class or for HW. For the first slide I invite
teachers to record a tip to help sts describe pictures and the other slides are for sts to try it out.


To record, click COMMENT, and RECORD (you need a microphone). You can also type your tip instead of recording it (if you're shy :o)

I hope you can all make good use of the tool. The more students record their descriptions the more examples (ideas) they will have.

1. Show the voicethread in class. Show the first picture (second slide) and ask sts to brainstorm vocabulary they can use to describe the picture (in pairs)
2. Sts write down a picture description for the picture. (the script should have no more than a minute ) (Teacher should be going round the room monitoring)
3. Ask St A from the pair to practise reading the picture description to his/her partner.
4. Get some volunteers to record their picture descriptions in class with a microphone to the voicethread.
5. Assign more picture description for Homework.

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