May 2, 2009

1st May TRIP - Portinari

Yesterday morning, we woke up and had no plans for the day. My husband, the adventurer in the family, proposed we travel to Batatais and Brodowski to see Portinari´s work there. So there we went. We set off in the morning, had lunch in Ituverava, visited the church in Batatais where Candido Portinari left several of his paintings, then went to Brodowski to visit the house where Portinari lived as a child.

For some many years, I had no idea there were so many of his paintings in small towns like Batatais and Brodowski. Both towns are BEAUTIFUL, the old houses still keep their original architecture and most of them are very well kept. The church in Batatais is unbelievably beautiful (outside and inside) and its garden is idyllic. The only thing that shocked me was a wonderful old building opposite the church which used to be the CASA DA CULTURA and has a sign saying FOR SALE. (?) How can a beautuful building like that one which used to be the house of Culture not be kept by the city?

The trip was really worthwhile. Instead of spending the day in the net, we had a cultural day with the family. FANTASTIC!

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Portinari is one of the most famous artists in Brazil. He painted, illustrated books, and wrote poems.


aliceayel said...

Thank you for introducing me to Portinari and Brazilian culture. Your pictures are beautiful!

Unknown said...

Thanks Alice,

Portinari was indeed a very talented artist.