May 13, 2009

Playing with Loonapix

I just LOVE playing with photo editing tools.With Loonapix you can add effects to your pictures, add borders/ frames, trim the photo and also add your face to movie posters or to other characters.

But how can we use this in an educational context?
  • well, first, you can use it to publish photos you´ve taken in the classroom for example.
  • you can also have sts play with it and then describe the changes. Ex. He used to have short blond hair, now he has long black hair.
  • You can use the images for teaching adjectives for describing people´s appearance.
  • Any other ideas?

Fotos Engraçadas. Twilight. Bella
Efeitos de Fotos. Vogue Magazine
Efeitos de Fotos. Street Art

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