May 13, 2009

SimplyBox - Capture, Organize and Share

This is a tool I´ve been using on a daily basis. It has helped me organize the stuff I find while surfing in a visual way (I´m extremely visual). It´s extremely easy to use and it´s very practical.

What you do is
1 open a free account at SimplyBox
2 use the SimplyBox (box and save) button to select anything you´d like to keep or have a look later.
3 after selecting the image you want to capture, you can drag it to one of the boxes you have created.

Interesting features
  • you can integrate SimplyBox with your twitter account so that everytime you box something it´s sent to your twitter followers as a link.
  • you can also share your box with other people, then many people can drag nice discoveries into the same box.
Something I miss in SimplyBox is being able to find other people´s boxes . For example: I know Nik Peachey and other teachers have simplyboxes. I wish I could send them requests to have access to their boxes. Can you imagine how much information I could come into?

I also use Diigo for bookmarking, but what I found in SimplyBox is the possibility of seeing images of what I have bookmarked. This way, I can recall what it is about without having to write a long description.

This is a great video which explains how it works


shellterrell said...

Thanks for all the information! The items in your box has been so helpful! I bookmark all of them!

joseantonio said...

Hello Ana,
I am also a big fan of simplybox. Lately, however, it is not working on my PC. I don't if it is because I installed internet explorer 8. Is not working with Firefox either. Have you had any similar problem?

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Jose Antonio,

the only problem I had was: one day nothing I put in my Simplybox was shared in twitter, then I went to settings, repeated the synchronization procedure and it started working again. Hope it works for you.