April 25, 2009

UTIPU - screencasting

This was my second attempt to use UTIPU and fortunately a successful one. It wasn´t very easy though. After I downloaded the Tipcam from http://utipu.com I tried to record my screencast. Then, I clicked on the upload button, which I thought would save my video either to the utipu site or to youtube, but I got a message saying I was unable to do it. I clicked on the button play file and the video browsing window kept loading but nothing happened. So I thought my screencast hadn´t been recorded.

After watching a tutorial in utipu I saw that I could upload my video to the utipu site from my browser. So, I went to http://utipu.com , clicked on the UPLOAD button, selected the video file and MAGIC, my screencast was there. The feature I was really interested in was the possibility of making a screencast with good quality and being able to place it in my youtube account. So what I did was: I went to my youtube account, clicked on the UPLOAD button, selected the video file saved in my computer and voilá, after some hours, my screencast coulb be seen in YOUTUBE.

Suggestion: If you´re a beginner at screencasting, I guess the easiest site to use would be http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/
But once you have the time, it´s worth giving UTIPU a try. At least for me, things didn´t work out so smoothly.

This is the tutorial I made using UTIPU to show my students how to make an online book.


Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Ana Maria
I was inspired to write a bookr called "Mission Possible" immediately after viewing your tweet link on Twitter.
You have a great blog!

Ana Maria Menezes said...


I´d love to see yout "Mission Possible" creation. Share the link with us please!
Great you loved my blog. You´re always welcome to come by. :)


Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Ana Maria

Thank you! The link to my "Janet's Abruzzo Edublog" is this -


Best wishes