April 10, 2009

Blabberize - Happy Easter

This is another great tool to use with students. With Blabberize, you can choose an image to add audio to.
  • choose an image from your computer
  • select the space for the mouth to move
  • record an audio message or upload a pre-recorded audio
  • click on the envelope icon to preview, and then save it
  • for the embed code click on the SHARE button

How can you use this with students?
  • Students can use blabberize to read texts they have created. Ex: They can say what a character did last weekend, or express an opinion, or talk about future plans.
  • You can use this activity to practise any language you´re working on.
  • You can give sts the chance to write first, practise reading their text, record their voices and finally listen to each other.
  • It´s important to say that it´s always nice and safer to speak behind a mask, if you know what I mean.
  • I´ve also seen sts draw characters, scan the images, and use it in Blabberize to narrate their biography (an arts project I´ve seen in the net, Fantastic, by the way)

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