March 30, 2009 6 comments
PIMPAMPUM.net offers interesting flickrtoys.

  • This week, I´m developing a project with students of mine with one of these tools: BOOKR. Students will create a photobook describing their best friend. We´ll start the task in the classroom where sts will write sentences about their best friend and imagine what kind of picture would be nice for each page (we´ll use pictures from flickr archive). I´ll demonstrate in class how to create the photobook and how to get the embed code for publishing it on a blog or webpage.

This is an example I´ve created to show them

  • BUBBLR - with this tool you can make slideshows or comic strips with speech bubbles using picture from your flickr account or with flickr archive pictures. This is an example I got from the archive

  • PHRASR - you can make slideshow from isolated words (from a vocabulary group) or from a sentence. Phrasr finds the right image for your word. It´s great for revising vocab. You can play it as a warmer and them ask sts to write all the words they can remember. Or you can use it to reinforce idioms, phrasal verbs, proverbs...
This is an example I´ve created w/ adjectives of PERSONALITY. (the word organized was misspelt)

  • MEMRY - make a memory game out or flickr photos. Choose a topic (tag) and play the game. Tags I tried: animals, smiles, friends.With images of people, you can have sts play the game and describe the pictures of people they match.


  • alice said...

    These are all great ideas, thank you so much. Your post is very inspiring :)

  • GilMattos said...

    Fantastic Ana - it's funny I got home today thinking about some other tool I could use with some pictures I've been taking at CCBEU. This Bookr looks very much like Issuu. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ana Maria said...

    Carla, Alice and Gil,
    Thanks for your comments. Hope we can all make good use of these wonderful tools.

  • Buthaina Alothman said...

    Ana, your post has come just in time for me and my class! It is so inspiring; esp the flickr Bookr idea. I've asked my students to create their Flickr accounts and you've made things much easier for all of us to know what to do next week!

    All the best :)

  • Ana Maria said...

    Great to hear that, Buthaina. It´s so simple to create and you don´t even have to have a flickr account for the images, you can get images from the archive. Good luck with your project.


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