April 19, 2009

Favourite celebration

As a preparation for a talk I´ll be giving in July introducing several web tools EFL teachers can use to develop projects with students, I´ve just started a thread in http://utterli.com about Favourite Celebrations around the world. I´d love to hear from as many different countries as possible so that I can demonstrate it to teachers.

To take part in the thread (and have my appreciation forever hahahaha) just create your free account, click on the link below, and create your reply message (using message, audio, picture or video)

Have you ever used UTTERLI?

With Utterli you can create a discussion which people can reply to using text, video, pictures or/and audio. It´s very simple to use and it´s really interesting to hear and see what people have to say. You can get a widget for the sidebar of your website so that you and your readers can follow what people have been saying there.

As you can also record it from your cell phone, it´s very practical and offers great opportunity for authentic language practice.

How to use it with students?

  • create threads where students can write about topics you start like: describe your best friend (add picture), talk about your favourite food/dish (+ picture), describe your family (+picture), share your favourite song and so on.
  • discuss topics using text, audio or video.

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