February 4, 2008

Screencasting for the fist time

This is the first time I´ve tried to make a screencast.

  • First I tried to use screencast-o-matic, but I couldn´t get the audio.
  • Then I downloaded Jing and made the recording but the speed got too slow (didn´t like it)

    Well, I still haven´t got what I wanted. I wanted to make a screencast with the speed of screencast-o-matic but WITH AUDIO! But it doesn´t work! I´m getting crazy!!!!!
  • I´ve finally found a solution! I was working with the Firefox browser and the audio didn´t work but with Internet Explorer it did.
    This is the final result:


Berta said...

Dear Ana Maria,
I enjoyed your Screencast-o-matic. Very neat. Your instructions were very clear and your voice very relaxing. Thanks for sharing. I will try to use this tool soon too.

Warm regards from Caracas, Berta

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Thanks Berta,

I´m going to use this screencast with a group of sts of mine who are going to start blogging.


Fabiana Bridi Santos said...

Hello Ana,

I heard you screencast and I think your students will find blogging very easy after that.

Screencasting seems easier than I thought.



Ana Maria Menezes said...

Yes Fabiana, it´s quite easy in fact. It only took me longer because I couldn´t figure out the audio wasn´t being recognized. But after that everything was plain sailing.