February 11, 2008

The rain

I was having a look at slideshare to make a slidecast (pictures + sound) when I found this beautiful slidecast about the rain. It has been raining for days where I live and we end up complaining. It was great though to see the beauty of RAIN.


Dennis said...

Oí, Anamaria.

What a beautiful slide show! Congratulations on embedding it into your blog!

During the past two weeks, we've also had quite a bit of rain in Phoenix . . . and I also ended up complaining. How ironic! What I miss most, during "normal" Phoenix weather, is long periods of rain with thunder and lightning, yet when we actually have it, I complain (because many people here don't know how to drive in the rain, because the streets don't drain quickly, because the gutter on my back patio leaks . . . . .)

However, the images in the slide show make me, once again, long for the soft, gentle rains that I remember from when I lived in Oregon and the hard, pounding ones (with thunder and lightning) that I remember from the time I spent in my home state of Illinois!


Dennis in Phoenix

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Thanks Dennis for your lovely comment. It´s always nice to see you often drop by.

Grande abraço,