February 20, 2008


Thanks, Gladys, for the hint. Odiogo is really something. It adds voice to the content of your blog. And how can you do that? Go to Odiogo and at the top of the screen add your blog URL, your e-mail and click on GO. They transform your blog posts into podcasts that can he heard as you read the posts or that can be downloaded as mp3 files. The ID Feed is sent to your e-mail in a few hours. When you have the ID Feed, go back to Odiogo , look for the part which says BLOGGERS and click on your blog host (Blogger, Wordpress ...). Then just follow the simple steps. Very easy and simple. I guess it´s very appropriate for blogs aiming at EFL, ESL learners.

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jotex said...

Hi Ana Maria
Thanks for your Comment on my TowardsCAE class blog! I decide to visit your Blog again and liked how well you explained Odiogo. Think I'll try that tech tool next!

I'll be back!