February 27, 2008


I found this site from Nick Peachey´s post. You cantransform sentences into images / a slideshow. It´s great for idiomatic expressions. Look at what I´ve created for the Life Feast blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ana Maria!

I'm sorry, but your fear is funny! I had never seen someone that afraid of chicken! Hehehe!

I like playing with the Phrasr! There are many pictures! I am delighted!


Anonymous said...

hey teacher, tanks so much, i have found the counter and put in my blog, and i think you are doing a exellent job too




Ana Maria Menezes said...

Great that you liked playing with phrasr. It´s so beautiful isn´t it?

Kaisa, I´m afraid of chicken because when I was little I was attacked by one and my dad had to rescue me, so ever since I avoid coming close to chicken.

Aurélio,the counter shows you how many people come to your page. Many times people just read and don´t leave comments.You´ll see.


Aurélio Jr. said...

teacher, i'm trying to post something new every day, and i don't know what they see to choise same actors and movies, to win the oscar, but this time i think all the winners, are good


Luis Fernando said...


This blogging thing is highly addictive, I'm afraid I'm getting into it!I've been posting some comments but I still have lots to learn from you!Anyway it's an excellent way to get our students to write in English!



Anonymous said...

Hi Ana Maria!
It's so interesting your last post because I think we do it every moment! We linsten a music and thinking in a landscape, we heard a word and think a picture...!
Wel, about your question, I agree with Danúbia says: everyone is an artist of your way!
I'm a lover of arts! To me, the art helps the life to be a feast! =D