April 23, 2014

What's the time in Montreal? : an IWB activity

This is an activity shared by a colleague of mine, Stela Morgado.

Language focus: the time
Level: Basic
Device: Interactive White Board
Interaction: student - student
Time frame: 10 mins.
Connection: online

Stela describes the activity:

Project: What time is it in...? 

1. Go to the website http://24timezones.com/  
2. Invite a student to come to the board and choose a place around the world. Click on the place. 
3. The student should then choose a friend and ask "what time is it in London?" (for example).  
4. Elicit alternative ways of asking about the time: What´s the time...have you got the time, etc. 
5. One of my B1 students, Crissiê, invented a follow-up activity. The T can publish the link at Edmodo. Ss take turns choosing places and asking the time around the world to other students through the reply icon. (I´ve attached the photos of Giselle and Geovana during the activity).

* Alternative topic: What´s the weather in...? What´s the temperature in...? 

Ss can use the site http://weather-finder.com/?gclid=CNvq_qHW2L0CFUoV7Aod4B8AEA or upload an app to the mobile(e.g A weather life)- Suggestion from Patrick a Basic 3 student. 

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