April 15, 2014

Mobile Activity: going to with Tellagami

Language focus: describing appearance and going to.
Device: Cell phones or tablets (one per person)
App: Tellagami
Interaction: student - student, student - device
Time frame: 15 mins.
Connection: offline

Some weeks ago, I presented a workshop at Cultura Inglesa Uberlândia on OFFLINE MOBILE ACTIVITIES. We focussed on some apps which allow students to work offline once the app has already been downloaded to the device.

We had great fun and brainstormed several activities we could develop with the apps TELLAGAMI and SIMPLE MIND. Both apps are available for IOS and androids.

A few days later, a very creative colleague of mine, Ana Cláudia, tagged me on a facebook post where she shared pictures of her students using Tellagami in class.

Then, I asked her to describe the steps she had followed.

1. Students created their avatars using the app. They could customize the hair, eyes and clothes.
2. Students interacted showing their avatars to other students and asked and answered questions about their appearance.
3. Students recorded the avatar saying what they would be doing the following day. Ex: I'm going to play tennis tomorrow.
4. Students exchanged devices, listened to the avatar speaking and repeated what they heard.

Another variation for step 4 would be for students to listen and write the sentence they hear, then they could keep exchanging devices and write other sentences they hear.

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