April 7, 2014

Project: Hello, there! (Brazil + Argentina)

I'm very excited to share a new class project which is about to start. It's going to be a collaboration Brazil + Argentina. After contacting my PLN friends from our neighbour-country, Argentina, Jennifer Verschoor accepted the challenge.

We both have teenage students who are going to be in contact during 4 weeks.

What's the project about?

PROJECT: Hello, there!

GOAL: participants will be able to develop communication skills in the English Language.
TARGET AUDIENCE: a group of teenage students (14-16) from Brazil and Argentina.
TECHNOLOGY EXPECTED: students will be using their own devices (cell phones, tablets or computers) to communicate in Edmodo.
STAKEHOLDERS: teachers, parents, directors.
DEADLINE: project will be developed during four weeks.

18 students from Brazil will be paired up with 18 students from Argentina to communicate during 4 weeks.

Objective:  to learn as much as they can about the other student and the place where he/she lives during this period of time. At the end of the 4 weeks, each student will write a report to the teacher expressing what they have learned.

Platform: students from both countries will join an Edmodo group. Both teachers, from Brazil and Argentina, will be the managers of the group. Students will be divided in small groups in Edmodo (pairs) where they can develop a conversation. Their communication can be via text, audio files, videos, photos using any kind of file they wish to attach to their messages. Teachers will have access to their communication the whole time.

Teachers' role: to get students in contact, divide them into pairs and manage their conversation. Students' messages don't need to be corrected by the teacher beforehand as the objective is not accuracy but the development of a conversation. However, the teacher can prepare activities to be carried out in class with some common mistakes observed (without identifying students).

Final Task: by the end of 4 weeks, each student should publish a report to their teacher, explaining how the communication took place and what he/she learned about the other student. The final report should contain at least 200 words and images/ videos to illustrate it.

The reports will be posted on a common wiki: http://projecthellothere.pbworks.com/  which will then be shared with parents.

Our students are joining the Edmodo group this week, so let's see how it goes.

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