March 22, 2014

Mobile Activity: Pair Dictation

Language focus: any grammar topic or vocabulary.
Device: Cell Phone (1 per person)
App: notetaking app which comes with any cell phone.
Interaction: student - student
Time frame: 15 mins.
Connection: offline


1. Teacher asks students to individually write 3 sentences using a target structure, vocabulary or topic on their cell phones. While students create their sentences, teacher can move around the class checking if students need help.

2. In pairs, students have to dictate, letter by letter (without pauses) one of their sentences to their partner. They use their cell phones to write the sentences dictated to them. Students keep on alternating until they have dictated all their sentences.

3. Students show the sentences they have written down to their partner and check if they understood them right. Teacher can also help.

4. For debriefing, teacher can elicit some of the sentences created by students by writing them on the board.

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