March 17, 2014

App Smashing a study guide

This post is a simple app smashing I created for my students today using two great apps:

I usually try to make the revision guides I provide to my students more visually appealing. Apart from a paper revision sheet, today I'm going to offer them a VISUAL STUDY GUIDE to help them study the topics we've covered so far.

1. First, I created a comic strip with the COMICS HEAD app (IOS) with the images you can see.
2. Then, I linked resources which I had curated using the THINGLINK app (IOS).

And this is the result:
If you hover over the image, some clickable links will appear.
 Let's see if they are going to find it useful.

A day later, a colleague of mine inspired by my interactive study guide, created her own for her teenage students. With Bethânia's permission, this is her app smashing creation:

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