March 21, 2014

How to leave comments on a TUMBLR blog?

This question was sent to me by a friend, Camila Sousa Sakai, after I left a comment on her Tumblr. She's been sharing her first experience as a future mom via videos on a TUMBLR blog I've been following,

Camila is very creative and this is how she announced to her friends that they were pregnant.

Well, now back to the purpose of this post. 

How can we leave comments on a TUMBLR?

It seems simple if you think of Blogger and Wordpress blogs which by default have comments allowed. Now, with TUMBLR, you have to go to your Tumblr settings and allow comments from people YOU FOLLOW.

So, first you have to allow comments, and then you have to follow the blogs you want to send comments to.

This is a simple tutorial I created for her.

Camila, hope this is useful. And CONGRATULATIONS, once again.

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Unknown said...

I understand it now Aninha, Ryan was trying to leave me a comment but as he doesn't have a Tumblr account he couldn't! I had also tried leaving a comment on your Tumblr but couldn't! Now I know how it looks when somebody has enabled the comment feature!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write the post and make the tutorial! I am always learning a lot with you.