July 13, 2013

How to use a PINTEREST board to spark up conversation

It's amazing the kind of stuff people curate in PINTEREST boards.

This week I came across a board called HISTORY - TOOLS OF THE TRADE which inspired the idea I'm sharing in this post. http://pinterest.com/AmylynnRichards/history-tools-of-the-trade/

As you can see from the image, the board is a collection of old stuff we used years ago. It's quite funny in fact to remember what they were used for.

The idea I had for an activity is the following:

- As I teach teenagers, the idea would be for them to discover different objects people used in the past (from the pinterest board) , read about it, ask their relatives if they had one or even if they still have one. Learn about it.
- In a following class, students could present to the whole class or small groups the chosen object (either using the image from pinterest or showing the real object if they have it), talk about what they have learned from their research and conversations with relatives.
- They could even create a joint post for a blog where each student would write about their findings.

Language: USED TO,  names of objects, verbs in the past.
Skills: reading, speaking, listening, writing. ALL.


Lance Mosier said...

I love this idea. If Pintrest is blocked at schools (like mine) I could see posting these images in something like Padlet (http://padlet.com/) and having student's post short comments below each image.

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Dear Lance,

I think your idea of using Padlet would work, no doubt about it.
I stil don't understand why schools keep blocking social media sites as they can be wonderful learning tools. The way I see it, when students are involved in doing something, creating, researching, learning they are less prone to "using facebook" to chat to friends for example. Well, this is what I think. Padlet would be a solution.
Thanks for adding your comment.

Ana Maria Menezes said...
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