July 22, 2013

7 SNACK tools for the classroom

This is not a promotional post. However, it is a description of tools you can use with students which are VERY PRACTICAL for creating online content.

The tools I'm about to describe are all SNACKTOOLS from one single website.

FIRST, let's start looking at the different widgets you can create for free.
1. PHOTOSNACK - create slideshows with pics from facebook, flickr, photobucket or from your computer. http://www.photosnack.com/ 

How do I use slideshows with students?

- showcase students' work by creating slideshows and embedding it in a class blog or send to parents via e-mail.
- present vocabulary to students by adding captions to each picture.
- ask students to create slideshows with vocabulary they have learned doing their own research on a topic.
- for digital storytelling - students can create slideshows telling a story.

2. PODSNACK - create playlists with MP3 recordings you make or with youtube videos.

 How do I use podcasts or video playlists with students?

- ask students to record dialogues using their cell phones and send the mp3 files to you. Aggregate all recordings to one playlist and share with parents or publish it in a class blog.
- create an audio Webquest where students have to find different information by listening to different podcasts.
- for the flipped classroom - aggregate video lessons per unit in a playlist and share it with students.
- video-record students role playing dialogues and organize them into the same playlist.
- as a listening dictation - use the website to record students reading sentences they have created and send playlist as a listening dictation for homework.

3. TUBESNACK - very similar to podsnack. For video playlists. http://www.tubesnack.com/

4. POLLSNACK - create polls, surveys and personality quizzes. http://www.pollsnack.com/

How do I use Polls and Surveys with students?

- use surveys at the beginning of the semester to get to know students better.
- use polls to give students the chance to choose an activity for the following class.
- create surveys about topics students have been discussing.
- ask students to create their own polls and surveys and present the results to class.

5. FLIPSNACK - transform word and PDF files into e-books / flipbooks.
http://www.flipsnack.com/ .

How do I use e-books with students?

- collect student's drawings and written work on a word/pdf file. Use FLIPSNACK to transform it into an e-book to share it with parents.
- for storytelling: have groups of students collaboratively create a story during the school year. Then students add images or photos to their story (word / pdf file). At the end of the term, each group publishes their story as a flipbook.

6. SLIDESNACK - add voice to your ppt presentations and then share (you can export to Youtube). Slidesnack doesn't record on Google Chrome, try Firefox instead.  http://www.slidesnack.com/

How can I use this tool with students?

- if you create tutorials using ppt, add your voice to them by creating a slidecast.
- for storytelling: sts can write a story, then create a ppt with images to illustrate the story, then they can record themselves narrating their own stories.
- students can record about themselves as an introduction to an online course.
- students can record themselves reporting after having developed a project.
- students can record themselves talking about what they have learned that year.

7. NOTIFYSNACK - create notification bars for your website or class blog.

How can I use this tool with students?

- create alerts for class blogs before important dates and tests.
- add greeting alerts to school blogs on important dates.
- invite students to contribute to the class blog by suggesting beautiful sentences to be added each week.

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