March 5, 2013


I was a great fan of POSTEROUS , and still am :(  ,   because of the great possibility of posting so easily with a simple e-mail.

What I liked about it?

  • Well, you didn't need to know much about codes for blogging. All you had to do was attach any file to an e-mail to the platform and they would magically turn it into a nice blog post. 
  • You could create a blog anyone could post to. Great for e-projects.
After it was bought by Twitter, their closing has come as a very sad surprise to me.
Panic, what can we do not to lose projects we've developed on the platform?

Well, thanks to Chris Bohlander, a fellow teacher based in Goiânia, I learned about the possibility of exporting my Posterous blogs to WORDPRESS.

My original posterous -
The wordpress one -

If you're interested in learning how to SAVE YOUR POSTEROUS BLOGS, I suggest you read the instructions HERE .

It's not THAT EASY, but if I managed to do it, I bet you'll do as well.

If you want to read about the AN-IMAGE-A-WEEK project, you might enjoy reading 

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