March 15, 2013


Do you like making lists? Well, it's a way to curate your content and share with other people.

This post is aimed to focus on two webtools which I've fallen in love with:

LISTLY is a site used for making lists of websites and videos. It's said to be a social experience as you can collaborate with others in building lists, besides commenting and voting. The lists you create or contribute to are not only shareable but also embeddable, like the list I've added at the bottom of this post.

THINGLINK  allows you to tag images linking it to other websites, sound files, videos or even texts.

My inspiration for this post came with a pinterest post which shared a list curated by Lisa Johnson entitled "Thinglink EDU examples" which I've embedded below.

Thinglink EDU Examples
View more lists from Lisa Johnson

As LISTLY is a collaborative tool, I believe it would be perfect for classroom usage where the whole class can contribute in collecting content about a specific topic.

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