January 6, 2011

GEMS of the week

Everyday while surfing the net (twitter, facebook, edmodo, blogs) I bookmark sites I find interesting (with diigo) and then when I have time to explore them I share them in LIFE FEAST.

These are the sites I've selected for this week's post:

  • KIDS' FABLES- A site with fables written by children. The site is perfect for developing a project where students are invited to create their own fables. There's a page with guidelines which can help students create their own story. The site suggests a fable contest where the best fables are submitted to Kidsfables.com to be considered for publication. As an extension, you can record your students reading the fables (using AUDIOBOO) and publish them in a class blog.

TIME 10 QUESTIONS - another great inspiration for projects. This is a collection of videos where celebrities are asked 10 questions. You can ask students to predict the questions which will be asked and then watch the video for checking. You can also ask students to pretend they are going to interview someone famous, create the 10 questions and then roleplay the interview with a classmate pretending to be the celebrity. The interviews can be recorded with a digital camera and then published in youtube and/or a class blog. Students can even vote for the best interview.

  • DIGITAL DIALECTS - The Digital Dialects website features free to use interactive game for learning languages (English, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese and many others.)

SMORIES -these are stories read by kids. The site can be used for listening and reading comprehension (as many of the stories are subtitled) or you can use this as an inspiration for a writing project where students create a story, record themselves reading it and submit the video to Smories.com.

EBOOK EXCHANGE- if you have a kindle or nook, this is a place where you can lend and borrow e-books. The fee you pay for borrowing or lending is sent to charity.

MESSAGEHOP- great tool for storytelling.

 FOLDING STORY - Start a story, fold the paper and pass. Sounds familiar? Well, you can do the same online. A group storytelling game.


Catherine said...

Hi Ana - You might also be interested in the Kindle Lending Club page I founded on Facebook - lots of people lending and borrowing Kindle books there. Discover great new books for free, and share your collection with other book lovers:


Ana Maria Menezes said...

Great idea, Catherine. I've bookmarked the page and include the e-books I have available.

Mr Jones said...

Hi Ana Maria! I found your blog via http://www.purposegames.com/profile/39459 and his blog. I have not looked around much at your site, but I have already found many wonderful things!

I would like to follow your site, but I can't find where to push a button... Will you help me, please?

I have just recently began my own blog - it's just two days old.

Thanks in advance and a Happy New Year!

Greetings from Mr Jones, Sweden

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Dear Mr Jones,
Hope you find the information shared in this blog useful. I've included a Subscribe button to the sidebar to make it easier to follow my posts.