January 5, 2011

10 sites I plan to use in 2011

I intend to use this site in class to practise or revise vocabulary learned in class . Great to be used in IWBs.

 I'm going to synchronise my audioboo account with a posterous blog and use it to record my students in class, reading dialogues and stories they have created. I can use my iphone or a laptop for the recording and it's published in posterous automatically.

 I'll be using screencasts to record feedback for my students (correcting their work) and to record grammar explanations for revision purposes. EXAMPLE

 I'd like to have my students create their own comic strips with the content learned that day.

With English Attack I intend to have my students learn new vocabulary and expressions from movie snippets.
I'll use the IWB or take students to the lab.

 At the beginning or end of class, I'll have students listen and try to fill the gaps of songs on the IWB.

 I'll have the students add written texts and images for projects on this interactive wall.

I'll create glogster posters to create study guides to help my students  study before tests. EXAMPLE

 I'll be using Memorize Now to help my students memorize dialogues or expressions.

 At the lab, students will be asked to create joint stories or dialogues using target structure or vocabulary and then send me the link.


Ally said...

Thanks so much for these great ideas :) Happy New Year!

bubbabrain.com said...

Check out http://www.bubbabrain.com

It is a website to review classroom content or vocabulary. Play the demo game on the homepage.

ALICIA REY said...

I've just tried Typewith.me !