September 4, 2010

TYPEWITHME: Live Text Document Collaboration

Another awesome tool to work with WRITING.

You create a document and then invite others to co-edit it. Each author has a different colour and can collaborate all at the same time. There is also a chat box participants can use to exchange ideas. After the text is ready, you can save it as PDF or a word file.

This is my trial with @janetbianchini . We built a story together.

Another feature I liked was the TIME SLIDER button at the top. By clicking that, you can see how the text was built, word by word.

As I wanted to try it out, I sent an invitation via twitter and in less than 3 minutes, Janet Bianchini and Marisa Constantinides joined me. Check out Marisa's contributions in pink. Txs, Janet and Marisa.


Daniela Tomatis said...

Great!! Just one there a way to get the embed code for the document to be put in a wiki? Thank you!

Ana Maria Menezes said...

NO, Daniela, the only feature missing is the embed code. You can only grab a link to invite people to collaborate and once you're done, you export it as word/ pdf. An embed code would be great right, specially for the time slider.

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Anamaria

This is a lovely post summarising the very exciting collaborative writing experience I had with you yesterday. It looks like a great tool with lots of dynamic possibilities for exploitation.

Thanks so much for sharing!