September 18, 2010

Creative use of GLOGSTER

This last week, a colleague of mine, Estela, shared an amazing glogster she had come accross. This very creative teacher, webname sunrise651 (I'd love to find who this teacher is), from Bulgaria, has created several GLOGSTER posters to provide links to her students to study vocabulary and grammar.

Instead of providing  our students with a boring list of links, making a glogster poster linking to exercises and other glog pages is simply brilliant.

A Glog to provide exercises and games about FOOD:

A Glog with links to Grammar exercises:


Joao Alves said...

Hi Anamaria,
Thanks for this post. I've been thinking to use Glogster with my students this year and these are great examples.

Doctor Loopy's House of Fun said...

Here is the way I use Glogster in my library. The links showcase video work work on over 30 pages:

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Dear Doug, what an amazing job you do. I feel in love with your blog and the video projects you produce. Great effects, I want to learn how to do that!

Doctor Loopy's House of Fun said...

If you e-mail me I will write with some ideas I use for my Glogs.

sunrise651 said...

Thanks for sharing my glogs! I'm a Bulgarian primary teacher with nickname on Glogster Edu sunrise651. This is my wiki info:
I'm a Glogster ambassador and using it in my language teaching to young learners. Really great web2.0 tool!!! You can find many applications of it!
Thanks again for your kind words:)