September 6, 2010

Flip Text - turn your text upside down

Found this tool yesterday and quite like it.

You can type any text and they flip it for you. It's a pity they don't provide you with an embed code, therefore, you have to copy and then past the flipped text to use it.

  • Type a series of questions, flip the text . Ask students to copy the text in their notebooks as fast as they can. Then students use the questions to ask each other .
  • Type any text with target vocabulary / structure and ask students to copy it in their notebooks. Then, ask them to underline the recent words they've learned.


roberta said...

I used this tool with a group of mine to recap vocab (transport). They Loved it. After I had the text fliped I copied it into word and changed colour; font, size. Later I transfered it to a flipchart.

Venkat Koduru said...

Upside Down Text is a great way to spice up your Twitter or Facebook statuses. I would recommend another website though, Upside Down Text. It works a lot better and it can post directly to Twitter and Facebook.