December 23, 2009

Why I like TOKBOX

Tokbox is a great tool teachers should explore. It's free and easy to use.

What can you do with TOKBOX?
  • You can send video messages to your tokbox contacts or to anyone who has an e-mail.
  • You can send video cards with pre-set backgrounds.
  • You can have chats with up to 20 tokbox contacts and share youtube videos, pictures from flickr, picasa, presentations from slideshare .
  • The video messages can be embedded or shared in facebook and twitter.
How can we use TOKBOX with students?
  • You can send a LISTENING DICTATION to students' e-mails, then have them write down the text you've dictated and send it back to you by e-mail.
  • You can send sts a set of questions they have to reply via video message or  sts can create sentences using target vocabulary and record it.
  • You can have a live chat with your students.
  • You can record explanations to your students and send it to their e-mails.
  • You can record a message to parents introducing yourself and send to their e-mails.
  • If a student is absent because he's sick, you can record students wishing recovery and send to the student's e-mail.
The possibility of sending video messages to e-mails is one you can't find in SKYPE, for example.

This is a video message I sent to students asking them 3 questions they had to reply to.

TokBox - Free Video Chat and Video Messaging

Nik Peachey has written a wonderful post about TOKBOX where he includes a tutorial and  wonderful ideas for classroom integration.

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