December 11, 2009

Creating Videos with STUPEFLIX

My favourite video editing tool is ANIMOTO, however, I don't know what happened but lots of educators who used to have a free account for creating longer videos just had their rights (to longer videos) cancelled. :(

Therefore, yesterday I was trying to find an alternative and tried out STUPEFLIX which is free. You see, teachers earn so little (at least in Brazil) and I am really, really  FOR the free webtools available.

You can add both pictures and videos to Stupeflix, download music from your computer, add text, select some effects, create the video and download it to your computer.

This is a simple trial. Just wanted to see what it looked like.

What I liked about it?
  • it's free
  • you can add your own pictures / videos
  • you can download the video in a youtube format.
  • the video looks cool.
What I didn't like?

  • there are no songs available (like in animoto)
  • I couldn't find an embed code, so in order to embed it I had to download it to my computer first.
  • once you upload it to youtube, you lose the quality of the image.
After watching the tutorial I'm including below, I tried Stupeflix a second time and was much happier. The video looked quite good !!!!

How would Stupeflix become perfect? I wish it offered us an embed code straight from the site and not only a link.

Watch the tutorial created by DEMO GIRL and learn how to make your own videos.


dkapuler said...

Call me crazy but Photopeach is nic similar app to Animoto...

Congrats on your nomination!!!

Ana Maria Menezes said...

I've already tried Photopeach but the effects are more limited than stupefix. But you're right when saying that you can create a good video very easily using photopeach.
I still hope to find a tool as good as animoto but for free.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ana Maria,

Animoto still provides educators with free accounts. Follow this link to apply for one.

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Thanks for redirecting me to the animoto for educators link. I had already applied for an educator account, but suddenly couldn't make longer videos anymore and I've heard of the same thing happening to other teachers. Have reapplied for an educator account, let's see if it works now. Thanks.

Sable Worthy said...

Hi Ana Maria,

Sable from here. Glad you like our product; thanks for the shout-out! We're constantly trying to find ways to improve our product for educatorss like yourself. We'd be glad to hear from you any ways we could continue to improve our users' experiences!