July 24, 2009

Interview with WETOKU

I've just read a message in facebook about an interview Nik Peachey had with Graham Stanley from the British Council talking about their work in Second Life. The tool used was WETOKU. I was enchanted by the idea of being able to record an interview with such good quality and then be able to publish it in a blog and even share it in twitter or facebook. FANTASTIC!

PROBLEM: I believe you need an invitation code though (which can be requested in the site).

How can we use this tool with students?

  • interview people from other countries or experts in the area you're studying. Then, publish the interview in a class blog so that you can show it to your students.
  • have sts interview each other as a class project.
Great features: no download is necessary, you can interview , record it and get the embed code all in one place.


Wetoku Dave said...

Yikes, you say such wonderful things about us! Thank you thank you!

I hope we can be helpful to your video blogging pursuits.

Please don't hesitate to message Team Wetoku on Twitter. http://twitter.com/wetoku

Wetoku Dave

Ana Maria Menezes said...

Hope I can get an invitation code to try it out.